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Re: Complex data types in DAML-S

From: Daniel Elenius <danel698@student.liu.se>
Date: 10 Apr 2003 14:10:43 +0200
To: www-ws@w3.org
Message-Id: <1049976643.2066.5.camel@q85.ryd.student.liu.se>

> > Finally, I observed that the grounding documents of the two examples
use different tags for 
> >
> > specifying a concept for a message part: CongoBuy uses
"daml-parameter" while BravoAir uses 
> >
> > "daml-s-parameter". Indeed, in your document over describing web
services with DAML-S and WSDL [1] 
> >
> > you introduce only the "daml-s-parameter" extension to WSDL,
therefore I deduce it is the right one 
> >
> > to use. Am I right?
> Yes, you are right, and thanks for pointing this out.

Speaking of this, what namespace should the daml-s-parameter and
daml-s-process attributes be associated with? If I don't put a namespace
identifier in front of them, my XML parser (xerces) gets confused... I
know I can put anything there, but there should be a recommendation for
this. (I'm trying to use DAML-S with Apache Axis and JXTA).

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