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Re: Draft of Definitions

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The term "OperationSet" is as awkward as "PortType". I prefer the usual
term for a named set of operations - "Interface".

Arthur Ryman

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Here is an initial draft of definitions.  What do you think?

David Booth

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Non-Normative Definitions

Web Service
Software that performs a task on behalf of one or more Clients, typically
over a network, using protocols defined in this document. [This definition
may change, subject to guidance from the Web Services Architecture Working

Software that makes use of a Web Service, acting as its "user" or

Normative Definitions

Data to be communicated to or from a Web Service as a single logical

A single logical action supported by the Service. An operation associates
an input message with one or more output or error messages.

OperationSet (a/k/a "Port Type")
A logical grouping of operations supported by the Service.

An association between an OperationSet, a concrete protocol and a data
format that specifies the protocol and data format that may be used to
communicate with the Service.

An association between a Binding and a network address that may be used to
communicate with the Service.

A collection of Ports.

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