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RE: WS Implementation Question

From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 15:57:49 +0100
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In the Java world there is a well defined suite of APIs defined by Sun for running Web services in lots of different ways, these include JAX-RPC, SAAJ, JAXM and JAXR.
The Apache Axis suite conforms to these APIs, as do commercial offerings from vendors such as IBM, BEA, Oracle, etc. There is a reference implementation from Sun downloadable as 'JWSDP'. All of these implementations include tools for generating WSDL from a Java class/EJB and client and server stub code from WSDL.
Given your person is working in an Apache context, it sounds to me like they should look at the Open Source Axis suite:
I'd also suggest investigating the optional Castor deserialiser (instructions included in the source code download) as this offers better support for literal schemas mandated by the WS-I Basic Profile.
Using particular tools won't buy you any guarantee of being WS-I compliant, though you can download HTTP monitor and analyser tools from the WS-I site which will check your individual interactions are compliant.

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First, apologies for posting on an architecture group a question that is clearly about implementation.  The reason I am doing this is, as will become apparent, I am totally unfamiliar with the platform in question and I am hoping that someone will be kind enough to give me some helpful hints.

We have a person here who is trying to provide some Web service interfaces to specialized search functions on our corporate intranet, with interop (consumption from .Net) an objective.  The specific search engine involved is Inktome, which I believe has a Java API but no direct Web services interfaces.  He does not seem to have available any of the major development platforms that provide Web services in Java (e.g. WebLogic, WebSphere, JBuilder), and I believe that he is using fairly low level libraries in the Apache context.  It sounds like he is using these low level calls to construct SOAP messages from the ground up, and that he might intend to do something similar to make WSDL files.  This sounds to me like an awful lot of work, and it also seems to me that it potentially gets one into the difficulties of dealing with the very detailed and potentially tricky issues covered by WS-I basic profile.

Can someone point me to some sort of development environment or libraries likely to be available in this copntext that are a little higher level -- so, for example, someone else has figured out how to conform to WS-I? 
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