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March 26 2002 version of requirements draft

From: Austin, Daniel <Austin.D@ic.grainger.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 17:25:38 -0600
Message-ID: <E0995D588DC3D211BB8D00805FFE353907358BFE@ic.ic.grainger.com>
To: www-ws-arch@w3.org

	I've uploaded the latest version of the editor's draft of the
requirements to:

	The XML version is located at:

	This version is still incomplete. In particular, the current version
does not incorporate the work that has been done up to this point in
developing the CSFs for each of the goals done by the champions for each
goal. The reason for this is that the information is currently not in a
state that allows the editors to properly do justice to this material. After
struggling with this issue for a few days, I've decided that it would be
better to allow some additional time for the champions to summarize their
final positions prior to the pre-face2face version of the document.
Basically, there is a lot of confusion among the many threads on this issue.

	I'd like to ask the champions of each thread to post a summary of
their goal wording, CSFs, and requirements to the list by Friday March 29.
Please put "Summary: D-Gnnnn" in the subject line of the email. Include the
final wording for each goal, and whatever additional material you have ready
for the face2face meeting. Thanks!

	Known issues for this version:
* termdefs are incomplete
* reference citations are inconsistent
* chapter 2 is incomplete

	There will be a new version posted one week from today, on April 1.
This will be the last published version prior to the face2face meeting. 

	Please be patient with your editors as they struggle with a large
and sometimes confusing mass of material! Champions, please summarize!



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