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From: Doug Bunting <db134722@iPlanet.com>
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 18:14:42 -0800
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To: Public W/S Arch <www-ws-arch@w3.org>
Copying Joseph's good words en masse: As the volunteered "champion"
(during today's telecon) for one of the WSAWG goals, D-AG0014, I wish to
solicit your interest in starting and sustaining a "spirited"
discussion.  The primary objective (of the discussion) is to confirm the
stated goal by *rough* consensus, and refine it (the goal, not the
consensus ;-) if necessary.  The secondary objective is to harvest the
upshot of the discussion and turn it into something we can use in near
term for identifying "Critical Success Factors" -- whatever that may
mean to you -- and requirements.  Hopefully, by being mindful of the
objectives, we can keep this thread reasonably focused.  However, please
don't let the objectives adversely constrain your will to express.
You're welcome to disregard the objectives and throw in whatever you see
fit in the spirit of doing good.

To get the ball rolling, let me start with the goal statement itself

     serve as liaison with groups outside W3C who are working on
     web 0services in order to achive interoperability and reduce
     duplication of effort

Please remember that, like all goals past D-AG0011, this goal refers to
actions of the Working Group and not to our reference architecture.

I could find no discussion on this goal except Mario Jeckle's agreement
with Daniel Austin's original in an email entitled "Web Service
Definition".  Sorry, I don't have the URL for that email in the archives
right now.

One quick refinement: Should remove the "0" before "services" to restore
Daniel's original text :-)

A discussion point: Is this goal truly separate from D-AG0013

     co-ordinate the development of web services within W3C,
     together with other W3C Working Groups where there is overlap
     among their problem domains

?  I would suggest coordination often requires liaison work.  The
separation between how groups within W3C are coordinated and those
outside are liaison'd seems artificial though we might have very
different levels of "control" in each case.  Could we align the wording
of these two goals or (preferable) craft something general with D-AG0013
and D-AG0014 as sub-points?

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