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RE: [hst] ebXML

From: Damodaran, Suresh <Suresh_Damodaran@stercomm.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 09:26:01 -0500
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To: "'Mark Baker'" <distobj@acm.org>
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For me much of ebXML is not a theoretical discussion - having actually
implemented many of its elements, and found it a very rich and useful
from B2B point of view. Feel free to augment my report on ebXML with
comments such as below - I welcome it, though I am at the moment hard
for time to explore your comments further. I consider the purpose of the
ebXML report
served if it stimulates harvesting thoughts within HST. I am not expecting
to duplicate the enormous effort spent by domain experts in creating ebXML.
I do think, however, enabling ebXML or similar frameworks should be within
the scope of WS.


Sterling Commerce   

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On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 02:34:02PM -0500, Damodaran, Suresh wrote:
> Components: Party, Role, Service, Actions, Collaboration Protocol Profile
> (CPP), Collaboration Protocol Agreement (CPA), Registry, Attachment.

My response to this is the same as to Hao's WSDL harvesting; those
are all roles which components can play (except for maybe Role and
Action? not sure).  We'd have to look at a deployment to see how
those roles are implemented in software.

> Connectors: Message Service Handler (MSH), Business Service Interface

I've thought hard about this one.  Yes, I think both of those contribute
to the semantics of an ebXML connector (as I understand the role of a
BSI), though they aren't themselves connectors.  But if we proceed along
these lines, I'd also count the implicit POST-like action on the ebXML
MS.  And the CPA, which defines the supported business transactions,
i.e. actions - so there's actually two actions for ebXML messages which
use a CPA, which is odd.

> Data Elements: ebXML Message, Business Process Specification, Business
> Document, Business Transaction, Binary Collaboration.

Except for the message itself, I think those are good examples of data

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