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FW: Introduction (same copy as in w3c-ws-arch, minus the admin fluff)

From: Joseph Hui <jhui@digisle.net>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 13:20:58 -0800
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From: Joseph Hui 
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Subject: Introduction

Dear W3C WS-Ar WG chair & colleagues,


I'm Joe Hui, representing Exodus/Digital Island.

One of my current research areas in WS is a "SOAP Extension for Web
Service Delivery (SEWSD, pronounced "Susie")," which has led to the
introduction and development of "Web Service Delivery Networks (WSDNs),
per CDN being one of Digital Island's core competencies.  Another one is
Pathsec.  Pathsec is a protocol for securing data in transit over the
Internet along a content processing pipeline comprising two end points
and intermediaries en route, with semantics for negotiating routing,
QoS, and security policies between end points.  I'm the author of
draft-ietf-tls-pathsec-00.txt, which is the TLS binding of the Pathsec
protocol.  I'm now jointly working with others on the "XML Pathsec
Protocol (XPP)," which will be a more generic rendition of Pathsec,
suitable for securing web services.

My R&D experience for the past 18 years ran the gamut from Unix kernel
to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).  Distributed computing has always
been one of my favorites, dating back to grad school, and carrying
on to the "real world" -- whatever that means.  (I liked it so much,
I actually proposed and published an "Open System Backend Interface
(OSBI)" in the 80s while working for NASA. :-)

I'm hopeful that my expertise and experience in many layers of the
OSI stack may contribute to a more holistic WS Architecture where
upper-layer (SOAP) apps can benefit from lower-layer services in
very direct manners.

At last, but not the least, allow me to conclude by expressing my
sincere appreciation for the privilege to be working with you all.


Joe Hui
Research Scientist, Internet Standards & Technology
Exodus, A Cable & Wireless Service
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