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Draft minutes 2nd October 2003 telecon

From: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 13:56:12 +0100
Message-ID: <3F7D71EC.70302@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
To: www-webont-wg@w3.org

NOTE: next telecon 9th October - next week.

Chair: Guus
Scribe: Jeremy



** 1.0 Roll Call and Admin

Roll Call

  Guus, Mike Smith, JimH, Mike_Dean, DanC,
ChrisW, Ian_Horrocks, Jeff_Heflin,
Jeremy, Evan_Wallace, HermantH, SeanB,
Deb_Mcguinness, Yasser, CharlesW, JeromeE,

Peter F. Patel-Schneider
Leo Obrst
Sandro Hawke
Nick Gibbins

Minutes of Sept 18 telecon:
(amended as per .../0217.html - Mike Smith in attendance)

Next Call
Oct 9, 2003
Chair: Hendler
Scribe: Horrocks

** 2.0 RDF Core issues

old ACTION Guus: ask Ian to do a 2nd review of RDF semantics
review completed thanks to Jeff Pan

Some concerns about datatypes, no showstoppers.

old ACTION HermanT: review RDF semantics w.r.t. OWL
partially done, action continued

"I expect more details in maths will change"

Allocating reviewers of other documents (esp RDF Schema)
Jim and Guus volunteered. Other members of WG encouraged to review RDF 2nd 
Last Call documents when they are published.


ACTION Guus: revise proposal for WebOnt WG position on RDF Core
literal decision


We agreed that "The arguments against the alternatives proposed by  I18N 
are compelling (see e.g. [2]). " could be rephrased for clarity.

RESOLVED to send the draft, with the amendment,

New actions:

ACTION DanC turn Ian's reviews into test cases
ACTION guus send mail to brian sumamrizing unfinished semantics review
ACTION Guus review LC2 RDF schema when it comes
ACTION Jim review LC2 RDF Concepts
ACTION Guus revise I18N comment and send

** 3.0 - CR and Test Issues
3.1 - Test approval

Proposal to approve extracredit tests

Inconclusive discussion of test I5.26-003  and Pellet's passing of it.
However, no one argued that the test should not be EXTRACREDIT.

Jeremy noted that the e-mail had three parts, and it was agreed to take it 
as a composite. (i.e. agreeing EXTRACREDIT as an approval level, and then 
approving tests to that level).

RESOLVED: to approve extracredit tests as in 


Note some tests are excluded in the proposal, after discussion Thing-001 
was also excluded.

RESOLVED to approve tests per 
ammended to take out Thing-001

ACTION jjc update test spec with approvals. ETA friday next week or after
ACTION IanH follow up on Thing-001 and S&AS

3.2 - consistency of examples from the OWL guide

Long discussion.
Discussion of whether use of oneOf in the guide is merited.
Discussion of whether to reclassify tests as EXTRACREDIT.
Discussion of a new section in Guide to show an alternative model that's 
perhaps less natural but more  efficient.

ACTION JJC:  propose to make the existing guide tests extra credit,
ACTION jjc derive similar tests by mechanical transformation
ACTION Jos: make addtional query-style tests.

3.3 taken after 4.0

** 4.0 New Document - OWL implementation Hints?

Arguments made in favour of publishing as WG note.
Worry about workload for team contact.

ACTION jimH ask mindswap for review of Sean's doc
ACTION guus ask peter for review
ACTION jjc: review sean's document

=== 3.3 changes of Test and/or S&AS,
See also:

A) URIs starting in "/" and "."

The tests are approved, and the confusion has subsided, no question is put.

B) deferred (time pressure and Peter is absent)

C) Semantic Layering Bug

RESOLVED to update previous decision on optionality of Ontology triple, 
etc. as per C/ Semantic layering bug in 

(Proposed pfps - in e-mail, seconded jjc).

ACTION jjc Update tests Ontology-002, Ontology-003
ACTION pfps Update S&AS re optional Ontology triple
ACTION jjc Update test change log re optional Ontology triple

D) cardinality-007

RESOLVED - to OBSOLETE cardinality-007

E) loops - already resolved in e-mail

no discussion

3.4 - CR exit actions

actions being discussed:

Completed actions:

ACTION JJC: add clarifying tests to OWL test repository
   re datatype mapping rules

ACTION JJC edit tests for InverseFuncProp

ACTION Guus: check ref to see if there's impact from Ontology typing

ACTION JJC: see if there's an answer for this in owl-tests (something
to do with "missing AllDisjoint)

ACTION JJC: propose clarifying test (cf owl for owl msg)

Continued actions:

ACTION: Sandro - Report reasoning status re useful subsets of OWL

ACTION DanC: arrange for redirect (of old versions of Guide)

ACTION Guus: see if Reference answers Brickley's owl:Class/rdfs:Class comment

New action:

ACTION jimh added disjoint on agenda

** 5.0 Outreach

The following actions will be addressed in Florida at ISWC.

ACTION Guus: see whether ontoweb can provide some support for OWL outreach

ACTION MikeD: see whether DAML can provide some support for OWL outreach

ACTION Guus: organize FAQ/guideline maintenance discussion at ISWC

A BoF is likely on FAQ: potential participants include:
connolly dean mcguiness horrocks hendler

ACTION Guus: solicit advice on reviewing OMG proposals from SemWeb CG
there s no formal mechanism, and we will treat this like reviewing RDF 
documents etc.

Discussion involving amongst others

Guus, Deb, Evan, Chris, Dan.

Issues include naturalness versus comprehensiveness of OWL/UML mapping.
Also semantics preservation. Preference for making input to process more 
than commenting on the individual proposals.

New actions:

ACTION debMcG send review e-mail address to list for OMG reviews
ACTION guus draft parts of requirements msg on OMG proposals

Discusion of DAML PI meeting.

ACTION chairs representation of WebOnt at DAML PI meeting

meeting adjourned - after hours discussion of DAML PI.
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