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Minutes from 2/13/2003 Telecon

From: Jeff Heflin <heflin@cse.lehigh.edu>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:35:49 -0500
Message-ID: <3E4BF395.5591A65@cse.lehigh.edu>
To: WebOnt WG <www-webont-wg@w3.org>

February 13, 2003

Chair: Guus Schreiber
Scribe: Jeff Heflin

Chat Log: http://www.w3.org/2003/02/13-webont-irc#T19-00-40

1) ADMIN (10-15 min)

1.1 Role Call

NickG, DanC, PeterFPS, JeffHeflin, IanH, LeoObrst, ChrisW,
Marwan_Sabbouh, Yassar, Baget, PatH, M_Smith, Evan_Wallace, DeborahMcG,

Joined Late:
ZivH, Guus, Jeremy, JosD

Dale, Hendler, Klein, van Harmelen, Hori

1.2 Approval of Minutes of last telecon

ACCEPTED the following as a true record of Feb 6

1.3 Agenda Amendments


1.4 Telecon Schedule

Next telecon: February 20
Scribe:   Leo Orbst

1.5  Tech plenary

Tech plenary page:

- Mar 4: editor's meeting on Tuesday

Deb would like to have speaker phone at meeting

- Mar 6-7: Initial Tech Plenary Semantic Web Architecture page -

2. STATUS RDFCore LC REVIEWS (15-20 min.)

2.1 RDF Schema

Review by Volz:

Discussion about "social meaning." Although, WG members disagree on this
topic, most feel the wording should at least be clarified

ACTION: Guus will do summary review of this doc

2.2 RDF Semantics

Agenda item postponed

2.3 RDF Concepts

baget's review of concepts, plus a couple other messages

Jeremey suggested that social meaning be discussed at tech plenary

3 ISSUETTES (60-75 min)

3.1 Annotations


RESOLVED: to adopt Peter's Proposal 2 (from
with an explcit type label for annotation properties (e.g.
(abstains: Ian, Jos DeRoo, Mike Dean, Mike Smith)

ACTION: Jeremy to add 0542 case to test suite 
ACTION Schreiber: explain AnnototationProperty in ref 
ACTION Schreiber: specify in owl.owl that label, seeAlso, isDefinedBy  
ACTION: Mike will update guide to discuss annotations 

3.2 Imports and entailments

ACTION: Ian to get Sean to generate syntax checker test case for imports
(i.e., on failure assume doc is OWL-FULL) 

ACTION Jos: send negative experience on imports to list 

3.3 rdf:XMLLiteral, xml:lang in OWL Lite

Dan: Use case for XML literals and cardinality constraints: A product
has XML descriptions in different files, but can only have one
description. Are the two files consistent? 

RESOLVED: abstract syntax uses same syntax as RDF for literals 
(abstains: Connolly)

ACTION Jeremy: to produce test case for XML literal 

3.4 RDF compatibility

Item not discussed

3.5 OWL DL syntax

Item not discussed

3.6 Relation OWL Lite with RDF(S)

Item not discussed

4. DOCUMENT STATUS (10-15 min.)

RESOLVED: rename AS&S to S&AS (Semantics & Abstract Syntax).
(Abstain: Pat)

ACTION: Massimo publish reference (continued) 
ACTION: Connolly get Tests published
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