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Re: CCXML: Dialog and Connection objects

From: Hrvoje Nezic <hrvoje.nezic@envox-lab.hr>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 12:59:31 +0100
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From: "Hrvoje Nezic" <hrvoje.nezic@envox-lab.hr>
To: <www-voice@w3.org>
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2007 12:39 PM
Subject: Re: CCXML: Dialog and Connection objects

>> We have met some inconsistency in the last CCXML draft.
>> Dialog object contains connectionid and/or conferenceid properties which
>> identify the connection/conference that is driving a media stream to the
>> dialog.
> The specification doesn't explicitly state that the connection/conference
> is driving a media stream to the dialog, but this is a reasonable 
> interpretation.
> However, other interpretations are also possible, because the 
> specification
> states that the connection/conference is "associated" with the dialog.
> For example, connection/conference could be the one specified in 
> <dialogprepare>
> or <dialogstart> although it doesn't drive a media stream to the dialog.
>> As we understand, after introducing input and outputs properties in the
>> last draft connectionid/conferenceid will always have the same value as
>> the input property.
> There are still no input and output properties in <dialogprepare> and 
> <dialogstart>.
> I think that the specification should introduce these properties instead 
> of
> connectionid / conferenceid.
>> Therefore the only information
>> connectionid/conferenceid properties bring is the type of endpoint. These
>> properties do not seem to be very useful any more. Is this correct or do 
>> we
>> miss anything?
>> Analogously, Connection object contains a dialogid property. Its
>> definition states:
>> "This property is the identifier of an associated dialog, if there is
>> one currently using the connection."
>> What does "associated dialog" mean? What if there are more dialogs
>> joined to the connection? If this property identifies the dialog that is
>> driving a media stream to the connection (which seems to be more logical
>> interpretation) then it again has always the same value as the input
>> property and we do not find it very useful.
> I agree.

I am sorry, my response was too quick and because I currently don't
work with CCXML at all, I confused the Dialog object with dialog commands,
and I confused the latest specification with earlier ones.

But you are right, I think that conferenceid/connectionid in Dialog object 
not needed because there are input and output properties. The dialogid
property of the Connection object is also not needed for the same reason,
or at least the specification should state that it drives the media stream 
the connection.
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