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Re: CCXML: Dialog and Connection objects

From: Hrvoje Nezic <hrvoje.nezic@envox-lab.hr>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 12:39:57 +0100
Message-ID: <005101c766f6$a8984d50$1301a8c0@envox.local.hr>
To: <www-voice@w3.org>

> We have met some inconsistency in the last CCXML draft.
> Dialog object contains connectionid and/or conferenceid properties which
> identify the connection/conference that is driving a media stream to the
> dialog.

The specification doesn't explicitly state that the connection/conference
is driving a media stream to the dialog, but this is a reasonable 
However, other interpretations are also possible, because the specification
states that the connection/conference is "associated" with the dialog.
For example, connection/conference could be the one specified in 
or <dialogstart> although it doesn't drive a media stream to the dialog.

> As we understand, after introducing input and outputs properties in the
> last draft connectionid/conferenceid will always have the same value as
> the input property.

There are still no input and output properties in <dialogprepare> and 
I think that the specification should introduce these properties instead of
connectionid / conferenceid.

> Therefore the only information
> connectionid/conferenceid properties bring is the type of endpoint. These
> properties do not seem to be very useful any more. Is this correct or do 
> we
> miss anything?
> Analogously, Connection object contains a dialogid property. Its
> definition states:
> "This property is the identifier of an associated dialog, if there is
> one currently using the connection."
> What does "associated dialog" mean? What if there are more dialogs
> joined to the connection? If this property identifies the dialog that is
> driving a media stream to the connection (which seems to be more logical
> interpretation) then it again has always the same value as the input
> property and we do not find it very useful.

I agree.

Hrvoje Nezic 
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