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Re: Validation error from base 64 encoded data in an object element.

From: Peter Easthope <peasthope@shaw.ca>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 10:31:57 -0800
Message-ID: <5298DD9D.7030309@shaw.ca>
To: www-validator@w3.org
From: Philip Taylor <P.Taylor@Rhul.Ac.Uk>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 16:18:41 +0000
 > Could I ask you to clarify ...


I was terse.  Here is an analogy.  Consider the
expression "house address".

If house is taken as an adjective, the expression means
"address of a house".

A more peculiar meaning is "address which is a house".
A person can not live in an address.  The statement
"I live in 321 Pirates Road" is peculiar while
"I live at 321 Pirates" is acceptable.

Normally I would take "data URI" to mean "a URI which
identifies data".  The alternative, "a URI which is data",
is peculiar but is the meaning in the object element.

 > Is there some part of this that is factually incorrect, ...

No.  The specification can assert that a "data URI" is to
be interpreted as a string of data.  If a reader has
difficulty, that's merely unfortunate.

Just for the record, my suggestion is to add an attribute
so that URI and data are distinct attributes.

Regards,            ... Peter E.
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