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Link Exchange Request

From: Don Mapua <nahoku@linkhelpers.com>
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 13:40:45 +0800
To: "Webmaster" <www-validator@w3.org>
Message-ID: <DONcarcR4ZDgC81Tbdk00000c4d@Don>
Hi Webmaster,

We found your site Vincenzo Balsamo Contemporary Italian Artist and
would like to exchange links with you. A link for Vincenzo Balsamo
Contemporary Italian Artist has been added to our links pages at:
http://www.nahoku.com/NaHoku/resource-art and is currently active.

Since we have already added your link, we would appreciate a reciprocal

Below is our link information to add our link to your links pages:
    Site Name         :  Na Hoku Hawaiian Jewelry
    Site URL           :  http://www.nahoku.com
    Site Description:  Creating Hawaii's finest jewelry since 1924. Our
incomparable selection of Hawaiian and Island Lifestyle jewelry is
unmatched for its quality and expert craftsmanship. True to its Hawaiian
heritage, each piece also has a story to tell.

* Reply to this email indicating this link swap is complete and where we
can view our link on your site for faster approval.

* If you do not wish to exchange links, simply reply indicating "no

* This is just a request to exchange links. You are not required to swap
links with us.

* This is the only email you will receive from us requesting a link
exchange. Reply to this email to contact us for more details or more

Don Mapua
Marketing - Na Hoku Hawaiian Jewelry

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