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RE: several fixes

From: Brian Gilkison <gilkison@one.net>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 01:00:51 -0400
To: <www-validator@w3.org>
> Ok, I just zapped the last remaining hardcoded references to
> validator.w3.org -- The "Valid" image links for HTML 2.0/3.0, Netscape
> HTML, Hotjava HTML, the /check/referer link in the results footer, and in
> authentication explanatory text -- and replaced them with $abs_svc_uri. I
> left out the $loc_svc_uri part of your patch because I don't understand
> what it is supposed to do; wanna elaborate?

*SIGH* OK, this is one of those cases of looking back at code I know I wrote
(well, modified, anyway) and having *ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA* why I did that...

Possibly, the thought went that it might be useful to still have some
references pointing to the W3C Validator (links, perhaps?) while allowing
images to be served locally -- e.g. say somebody offered a local clone of
the validator; well, they'd want the actual images to be served from their
site, but perhaps still have the sample A/IMG link on the results page (i.e.
"Here is the HTML you could use...") point to the W3C Validator...

I think that's where I was going...  Don't ask me about $loc_image_uri
though ;)
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