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Re: Images on validation results page (MSIE 5.0)

From: Terje Bless <link@tss.no>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 02:33:08 +0200
To: W3C Validator <www-validator@w3.org>
Cc: Brian Gilkison <gilkison@one.net>, Nigel Masefield <sugarat@btinternet.com>, Cassie Roads <cassie@gto.net>
Message-ID: <20010418024232-b01010701-d1ae6405@>
On 17.04.01 at 10:39, Brian Gilkison <gilkison@one.net> wrote:

>On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Terje Bless wrote:
>> Yes, and it may be local to your installation too. Some conflict between
>> QuickTime and MSIE possibly; or just a plain MSIE bug.
>If it helps to narrow it down, I believe it the problem is specific to
>either 5.0 or 5.01 -- I ran 5.5 on Win98 SE, and now WinME, and have not
>had a problem with the images loading.

Yes, that does help, but as I don't have a W9x box available to test with,
I can't track this one down. MSIE 5.x in various patchlevels on NT work
just fine.

>Far be it from me to add fuel to the fire on this one, but is it 100%
>certain that the server is sending the correct MIME types?  The reason I
>say this is from the following scenario...
>Point #3 tells me that MSIE is seeing what it considers a valid content
>type from my ISP, but not from the Validator (#2); regardless of the site,
>MSIE 5.5 displays the correct image for me (and as I type this, I'm
>running MSIE on Win95 at my office, so I don't think it has anything to do
>with the OS version).

It's possible that www.w3.org does something funny that validator.w3.org
doesn't. If I figure out some way to reproduce this I'll try to get it
fixed, but I don't have access to www's config so it's hard to tell.

Perhaps Cassie or Nigel could try to load
and tell me if the image loads for them on each of those URLs? The first
one should fail and the second one should work if it's config differences
between validator and www that is causing this.
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