WWW9 workshop: Multimedia on the Web

From: Lynda Hardman (Lynda.Hardman@cwi.nl)
Date: Tue, Feb 15 2000

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    To: WWW TV List <www-tv@w3.org>
    Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 11:13:51 +0100
    From: Lynda Hardman <Lynda.Hardman@cwi.nl>
    Subject: WWW9 workshop: Multimedia on the Web
    As you are perhaps already aware, the WWW9 conference will be held in
    Amsterdam this May.  As part of our "hospitality" the multimedia group at
    CWI is organising a workshop on multimedia on the Web.
    The original URL call can be found at 
    We would like to have a lively discussion with varied views from academia and 
    industry on the way multimedia should be encouraged to develop on the Web.
    If you are interested, please submit a 500-1000 word position statement.  
    Authors of acccepted submissions will be invited to attend the workshop, and 
    the position statements included on the (yet-to-be-made) workshop website. 
    After the workshop a report of the discussion will be placed on the 
    The deadline for sending submissions to me is 1st March.
         Lynda Hardman