speakers @ WWW9

From: Mike Dreisch (MDreisch@upc.nl)
Date: Mon, Feb 07 2000

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    From: Mike Dreisch <MDreisch@upc.nl>
    To: "'www-tv@w3.org'" <www-tv@w3.org>
    Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 10:27:33 +0100 
    Subject: speakers @ WWW9
    Dear List Members:
    I am the Chairman of the Web & Industry Track at WWW9.  We are currently
    looking for additional speakers for the TVWeb block during the conference.
    The speaker would be responsible for a 20-25 minute presentation, a demo (if
    you choose) and participation in a joint Q&A.  We thought your group would
    be the most appropriate in delivering quality speakers.
    The focus of the presentation should be looking at the business case of
    "enhanced" or interactive television with the Web (XHTML, etc.) as the
    underlying information infrastructure.  The individual presenting would also
    need to be well versed in these underlying technologies as well as the
    market model.
    If you or someone you know would be interested in presenting, please contact
    me at WWW9@dreisch.com for further information.  I thank you in advance.
    Michael E. Dreisch
    WWW9 May 15-19 in Amsterdam http://www9.org
    Michael E. Dreisch
    Chair, Web & Industry Track
    +31.(0) mobile
    +31.(0)20.8822.670 fax