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Date: Mon, Jan 10 2000

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    While reading the archives of the list I noticed that there have been
    discussions relating to specifying time in the URI but I don't see
    references to time in this draft.  What was the result of discussing time as
    an aspect of the URI?  Is it contained in another document?  
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    		 << File: ATT06742.txt >> << File:
    draft-zigmond-tv-url-03.url >> The most recent draft of the "tv:" URI
    specification is now available on the
    		IETF Web site.  The details are below.  I believe this
    incorporates all of
    		the input I have received to date.
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    		A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line
    			Title		: Uniform Resource Identifiers for
    			Author(s)	: D. Zigmond, M. Vickers
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    			Pages		: 5
    			Date		: 07-Jan-00
    		World-Wide Web browsers are starting to appear on a variety
    		consumer electronic devices, such as television sets and
    		set-top boxes, which are capable of receiving television
    		from either terrestrial broadcast, satellite broadcast, or
    cable. In
    		this context there is a need to reference television
    		using the URI format described in [RFC 2396]. This document
    		describes a widely-implemented URI scheme to refer to such
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