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From: Michael A. Dolan (
Date: Mon, May 15 2000

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    Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 11:11:11 -0700
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    Subject: RE: TV Back Channel
    RTSP is the session control protocol only and doesn't specify how to carry 
    And, it is not meant to even control complex MPEG-TS streams, including 
    DSMCC carousels, PSI, etc.  It was really designed for program or 
    elementary streams, not transport packets.  It certainly *could* be used to 
    control them I suppose, but I'm not aware of anyone doing this.
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    >         Hi,
    >         I would like to know if there are any specifications for
    >         MPEG-2 stream over TCP/IP ??
    >YES, RTSP is designed to do this, you can find a copy at
    >         This would be required, for making a TV interface with the Internet.
    >         exmaple, if the user wants
    >         to download a program stored in some "Content Server" based on
    >         then this MPEG-2 stream
    >         has to be transported as payload in  TCP/IP packet.
    >There are a number of proprietary Video on Demand Solutions from companies
    >such as NCube and Oracle which do this.
    >         How this is achieved
    >Answering that question properly is way beyond the scope of this mailing
    >list.  I suggest that If this is other than an idol question, your
    >organisation needs to recruit an experts in these fields.
    >         ?? Similarly if the user clicks
    >         on a URL that is broadcasted on TV during an advertisement
    >The Broadcaster would have to specially encode the URL into the video
    >stream, or the STB would require some very clever character recognition
    >software, at the moment this is not a realistic prospect, to do this
    >currently your talking a serious hacks.
    >         or as part of
    >         some program, then in order
    >         to access the WEB, there need to be mechanism to access the web.
    >This would need to be designed into an STB from the beginning.
    >         Are
    >         there any proposals for achieving
    >         these functionalities ???
    >Yes, but not here this group is only concerned with the broadcast model.
    >         What are the basic protocols apart fromTCP/IP that would be required
    >for doing
    >         this ????
    >         If any of you know answers to my questions please let me know.
    >         Best regards,
    >         venkatesh
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