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Date: Tue, Aug 31 1999

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At 12:32 AM 9/1/99 +0200, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
>SECAM - French version of PAL

Sounds good.  (Sequential Couleur avec Memoire) [I had to look this 
one up.]

>Do we need to go into MPEG (various layers), HMAC and D2MAC too?
>Or the format(s) used by DVD video players? (I hope not...)

MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) is good.  I'd personally skip 
more MPEG details at this point (and there are lots).

But I'm completely open to any TV acronym you think we might come 
across.  Although ones I don't necessarily think worthy will have to 
be submitted along with their definition.  If I have to look them up, 
then they might not make it :-)

>What are the other standards organizations playing in this field?
>(is DAVIC active? ITU? ISO?)

DAVIC (Digital Audio Video Industry Counsel) is worth mentioning, 
although I hear they are wrapping up.

ISO is the publication home for MPEG standards, notably the bible of 
digital Transports, 13818-*.  But I assumed everyone knew who they 

ITU as far as I can tell hasn't published anything unique in this 
field - only republication of ISO standards and such.  And, again, I 
assume everyone knows who they are.

Importantly I *did* forget:

SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) [This is 
the international, ISO-sanctioned entity for most TV technical 
standards, especially ones that involve the studio.]

>Will you put the "stuff-so-far" up on a 
>Website where we can bookmark it for reference during discussions, 
or what?

You bet!  Lets collect a few more so I don't have to author/edit/post 
it too many times.

And, if you *really* want to get into TV terminology, ask your local 
document supplier for SMPTE EG28.


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