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Date: Tue, Aug 31 1999

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At 12:06 AM 9/1/99 +0100, Jack Lang wrote:
>> >Program - a collection of related video, audio and/or data in a
>> >single "file".  This is also generically called "content".
>> So a Program has a definite, limited size. Right?
>It's size may not be known beforehand - for example coverage of a 
>match or formulae one race.

The match eventually ends, even if it is not known in advance.  When 
all is said and done, it can be stored as X bytes on a video server 
somewhere.  It's broadcast is a Program Stream, which has no time 
bounds, but recording it results in a Program.

>Programs may also be part of a series.

Do you mean like soap operas?  Each "episode" is a Program.  The fact 
that there is continuity in content is interesting information and 
may form a basis for linking the Programs in an EPG or database, but 
they are still individual Programs.

>Do programs include commercials (I vote not - commercials etc should 
>programs in their own right). Programs usually have a single content 

I agree.  And, in my definition, a commercial is a Program (it's just 
kinda short).  The assembly of Programs, including commercial 
insertions, results in a Program Stream.

>> >Content Author - usually a studio (Disney, ABC Studios) that 
>> >video, audio, and "data" or some aggregation of these.
>The components may be seperately authored and then aggregated by a 
>The program may be comissioned by another party, or by a network.

There may be multiple content authors and they may span a long period 
of time, and operate on each other's content.  Not sure how to 
capture this in the definition, though.


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