FW: ATSC T3/S17 proposals for presentation

From: Ted Wugofski (Ted.Wugofski@OTMP.com)
Date: Sat, Aug 15 1998

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Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 12:39:07 -0500
Subject: FW: ATSC T3/S17 proposals for presentation

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>Subject:	RE: ATSC T3/S17 proposals for presentation
>I started with HTML 4.0 and began "rightsizing" for a receiver platform
>(primarily removing redundancy).  I ended up closer to HTML 3.2 than HTML 4,
>so some people prefer me to say that it is based on HTML 3.2.   As for style
>sheets, it is essentially CSS2 with the removal of some of the audio stuff,
>some redundancy (think receiver design), and the addition of media
>synchronization and tabbing order stuff.
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>At 03:23 PM 8/14/98 -0500, Ted Wugofski wrote:
>>BHTML is an XML-ization of HTML 3.2 and CSS.
>Why HTML 3.2, and which version of CSS? 
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