ATSC T3/S17 proposals for presentation

From: Ted Wugofski (
Date: Fri, Aug 14 1998

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From: Ted Wugofski <>
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Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:23:23 -0500
Subject: ATSC T3/S17 proposals for presentation

The ATSC T3/S17 specialist group is defining a recommendation for
presenting interactive content in digital television.  One proposal
under consideration is "Broadcast HTML (BHTML)".  The latest draft (in
MS WORD format) of this specification may be found at:

BHTML is an XML-ization of HTML 3.2 and CSS.  Media synchonization type
elements and styles derived from SMIL 1.0 were also added.  Perceived
redundant elements and attributes were also removed.  The specification
posted on the web site is a very early draft.  An HTML version of the
document will probably be complete by next week.

Regards,Ted Wugofski

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