RE: Broadcast HTML draft by ATSC

Date: Tue, Aug 11 1998

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Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:31:08 -0700
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Subject: RE: Broadcast HTML draft by ATSC

Although everything in the body of Philipp's message is correct, the subject
was a little misleading.  The so-called "Broadcast HTML" proposal was not
authored "by ATSC," but simply by a couple of members of one of ATSC's many
technical working groups (specifically, two members of ATSC Specialist Group
T3/S17 for DTV Application Software Environment, commonly called "DASE").
It is in fact one of five proposals that has been put forward in DASE, and
one of a couple that seems to have a reasonable body of support behind it.
It is not clear how this proposal will proceed within DASE.  Although a vote
was scheduled on whether or not to continue work on this proposal at the
DASE meeting last week, the vote was canceled at the last minute.


Dan Zigmond
Senior Manager
Television Integration Development
WebTV Networks, Inc.

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Subject: FYI: Broadcast HTML draft by ATSC

Just learned that the following is actually public information,
so I forward it here. This is what Aninda presented briefly
at the W3C TVWeb workshop.
This is only available as a Word document, unfortunately:

The relation of this to W3C work still has to be figured out.

This work is being done within the DASE group of ATSC: