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Re: Technical Internet Advancements for White House Internet Strategies

From: Jon Crowcroft <J.Crowcroft@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 16:44:08 +0000
To: Steven Clift <slc@publicus.net>
cc: ietf@ietf.org, www-talk@w3c.org, J.Crowcroft@cs.ucl.ac.uk
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some of the folks on this list aren't american or US citezens and
might think that this is a bit presumptious.....but here goes:-

the first thing the white house should do is educate its customers and
organise voting properly

the next thing it should do is apply for membership of the European

following that, the use of other languages might be a considerably
benefit - e.g. spanish, chinese and hopi spring to mind

finally, what fee is being paid for this, and in what (stable)
currency, and under which tax treaty?


In message <>, Steven Clift typed

 >>I am looking for a few leading Internet technical experts to contribute 
 >>their ideas for an online conference on the *use* of the Internet by the 
 >>next White House.  What advancing Internet standards and tools should be 
 >>considered?  What would you do if you were in charge?  What could the White 
 >>House do to filter and respond to the millions of e-mails it receives in a 
 >>more effective manner?  How might syndication and XML strategies be employed?
 >>If you'd like to contribute a short essay to the event as described below, 
 >>please drop me a note <do@publicus.net> with your suggested topic area.  - 
 >>Steven Clift
 >>  Democracies Online - White House 2001 Online Conference
 >>       Envisioning the Next White House Web Site
 >>Opens with 100 Participants
 >>An online event through January 18, 2001 to generate ideas and exchange 
 >>information on the next White House web site.  What should the next White 
 >>House Web site do?  What should it look like?  How should the White House 
 >>use online communications strategically to connect with citizens and govern?
 >>How this facilitated and moderated online exchange will work:
 >>1. Idea Bullets - Each participant is encouraged to share one short idea 
 >>for the next White House web site.
 >>2. Strategic Essays - Internet leaders and netizens are asked to contribute 
 >>short 400-500 word essays covering a specific Internet *use* strategy the 
 >>White House should consider. Big ideas and solid advice wanted! These 
 >>essays should be submitted to the online event facilitator, Steven Clift 
 >><do@publicus.net> for review.
 >>3. General Comments - All participants are encouraged to comment and add to 
 >>the ideas sent to the forum. All posts will be moderated with a general 
 >>limit of one or two posts per day per person. To keep message volume in 
 >>check, some messages may be held one or two days.
 >>To JOIN the online conference, simply send an e-mail to:
 >>      do-whitehouse-subscribe@egroups.com
 >>To messages via the web or choose digest options visit:
 >>      http://www.egroups.com/group/do-whitehouse
 >>To join the 1600 member Democracies Online Newswire moderated announcement 
 >>e-mail list, get the full details at: http://www.e-democracy.org/do
 >>This is a strictly unofficial activity. Content from the online event will 
 >>be made available to White House officials and the public.
 >>Hosted by Steven Clift <http://publicus.net> with the Democracies Online 
 >><http://e-democracy.org/do>. If your organization would like to Co-Sponsor 
 >>this event, all you need to do is bring 20 verified participants to the 
 >>forum or send information about the forum to at least 1000 people on an 
 >>e-mail list run by your  organization. Contact <do@publicus.net> to 
 >>co-sponsor this event.


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