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The use and implementation of Banner

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Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 12:32:13 -0500 (CDT)
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                     The use and implementation of Banner
   I want to start by affirming my view on banner. I am not relying on
   banner to show me an index or a table of contents. My concern for
   banner was to identify printed documents. Another use could be
   navigation bars. Although, with the advent of Frames, navigation bars
   will not likely be put into banners.
   We require that all documents that are printed are marked as
   uncontrolled. I initially liked the idea that all I need to do is put
   on a disclaimer "if this is on paper, it is uncontrolled."
   Unfortunately, this would only appear on the first page, and if that
   page got lost, the other pages might be mistaken for controlled
   documents. A banner (I propose) would be printed on the top of each
   When a person prints a document, he does not necessarily bind the
   pages in a fashion which makes them particularly permanently bound. If
   the "more or less loose" pages get shuffled, It is easier to
   re-organize the papers when they are numbered (with number out of
   total, so a person knows the set is complete) and identified.
   So, I suggest that when the HTML 3.2 draft goes for approval, that the
   banner tag NOT be dropped, and its use for "header on printed pages"
   be highlighted.
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