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Conditional text

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                         Talk about conditional html.
   Well, the conditional html I saw seems to be very complicated. The
   kind of conditional html I would like to see is very simple. In
   particular, I would like to see more conditionals for printing
   In line with ISO 9000, we need a controlled document system. We have
   chosen to make our controlled documents electronic. I am trying to
   lean towards HTML as our document standard. You already know all the
   Our standard requires page numbers (page i of n) on each printed page
   so that the person who reads the document is fully aware of the
   completeness of the document. (You can also see my comments on banners
   if you want more ideas about this.)
   I know that microsoft's Internet Explorer already has these
   capabilities, but they can also be overridden by the user. I can't
   hard code the page number into the document because font changes (or
   resizing) will change the pagination.
   The only solution I could think of is special tags for printouts (say,
   <pagenumber> for page number and <lastpage> for the number of printed
   pages). Of course, in order to see these tags on each page, they must
   appear in the content of a <banner> tag.
   A special tag can be used to denote the enclosed document segment is
   to appear in hard copies only. (<hardcopy></hardcopy>) There can also
   be a pair of tags which includes things seen on the display, but not
   the hardcopy (<display></display>). Of course, abuse of these tags can
   cause problems with document consistancy.
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