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RE: How does the svg element handle CSS border and background-color?

From: Kevin Ar18 <kevinar18@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 20:32:58 -0400
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To: <ian@hixie.ch>, <patd@microsoft.com>
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> > At the last SVG Face to Face, we were debating how and where to answer
> > these questions about SVG embedded in HTML. I am not sure from your
> > answer below whether you intend to visit this in the HTML working group,
> > or whether you expect us to define this within the SVG Working Group.
> >
> > At the very least, at the SVG Face-to-Face, a few vendors agreed to push
> > some tests up somewhere so we could make sure we agree on the scenarios
> > to start.
> >
> > Are there areas in the spec that clearly define the expected behavior as
> > we move forward with SVG in HTML? I think that we need to think of it
> > beyond foreign content and more like stylable, scriptable, vector
> > graphics integrated into web pages.
> What isn't defined? I thought we'd resolved all the SVG/CSS integration
> points a while back. There's nothing special about HTML here, as far as I
> can tell. It's just a DOM, styled with CSS. You'd have the same problems
> defining how things interact with just random XML and CSS, no?
> If there are specific things that need defining then I'm definitely happy
> to help define them. I'm just not aware of anything being left undefined
> any more.
I'm not sure if it is a spec issue or a misunderstanding, but the browsers can't seem to agree on whether the svg element should act like an invisible blocking layer to content underneath.
Opera thinks it should not block content underneat or dispatch events when using position:absolute; but that it should trigger events when inline.
Firefox, thinks the svg element should act like an invisible layer blocking access to items underneath.
I don't know about IE, but I think they are leaning more like Opera.
>From my understanding, of the svg spec, Opera is the one doing it correctly half the time (and wrong half the time). [Ref 1]
However, if you add border, background, or other CSS styles there is confusion from the specs on what to do (do you allow the svg element to dispatch events now that it has a background even though this it not described in any spec?)
Maybe this issue has nothing to do with html; maybe it needs some clarification in CSS instead. [Ref 2]  Or maybe I'm just all around confused about it all. :)
[Ref 1] I tried to clarify what the SVG spec says on whether the topmost svg element can "dispatch" events (see section 4)
[Ref 2] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-fx//2010JulSep/0066.html 		 	   		  
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