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Test Suite Errors (was: Id multiply defined in struct-discard-204-t.svg)

From: Doug Schepers <schepers@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:51:02 -0400
Message-ID: <48929636.2000109@w3.org>
To: Julien Reichel <Julien.Reichel@spinetix.com>
Cc: www-svg@w3.org

Hi, Julien-

Thanks for finding and reporting these errors.  I will put them on the 
agenda for next week, and we'll correct them (you're most likely right, 
but we'll need to confirm that there isn't something we're missing 
before changing them.

It's very helpful that you're pointing them out, and we are paying 
attention. Thanks!

Julien Reichel wrote (on 7/31/08 8:48 AM):
> Hi,
> The test struct-discard-204-t.svg, has the xml:id="c3" and xml:id="c4"
> defined twice.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, WebApps, SVG, and CDF
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