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Re: SVG1.2

From: Peter Sorotokin <psorotok@adobe.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 22:28:12 -0800
To: Jan-Klaas Kollhof <jan@kollhof.net>, www-svg@w3.org
Message-id: <>

At 01:05 AM 11/23/2004 +0100, Jan-Klaas Kollhof wrote:

>There was no reply to my previous mail.
>The networking sections do need more content and details.
>in addition to the mail above:
>if an event is fired for the URLRequest it sould have a refference to the 
>request object so one does not to save it somewhere in the code
>to work with it when the event is fired.

Events always have a target attribute (comes from events::Event) and it 
will point to URLRequest.

>I'd like the responseText be part of the event object also the response 
>They are responses, and that's what the event represents teh server's 
>responseText is not part of a request it is the result of it.

We'd like to keep compatibility with Mozilla/IE XMLHTTP where possible.

>I really want events for partial data arrival for URLRequest.
>This would be very useful for showing progress. And it would not be 
>difficult to impl.

Yes, but we can extend it later. The points that you make here (and below) 
are good, but we want to keep it simple for now.

>There should be some way to send binary data created by the script over 
>the sockets and the URLRequest.
>This is a problem because EcmaScript only has strings or arrays to work with.
>A bytestream object would not be bad having something like feedByte(byte), 
>feedInt16(int16), feedInt32(int32),...
>I guess I am getting out of the scope for SVG here.
>But there must be some way to tell how strings are to be sent (encoding) 
>and how data is to be decoded when coming back.

Again, one step at a time. We would like to get easy-to-do stuff first.

>And please keep the same domain policy if you want but no restrictions on 
>the ports.
>To have sockets is not useful if I can't use them but to make calls to an 
>HTTP server.
>Unless of course I write a hybrid HTTP-Whatever-HowKnowsWhatSocket server.
>(Someday we will have only HTTP on prot, and all communication will be 
>handled over HTTP on port 80.
>Then the day will come that we disable HTTP on port 80 because it is not 
>safe ... )
>If we allow the user to open a file for upload or processing in the 
>script, why not let the
>user do the same for saving data to files generated within the script 
>using the same technique as opening a file?
>It would be just as save as opening a file.
>What about safe clipboard access.
>As discussed before by others as well:
>The user initiates a paste action as recognized by the UISystem the user 
>is working in.
>E.g pressing Ctrl-V or selecting paste from a context menu.
>An event is fired and a Listener can now access the pasted data as part of 
>the event object.
>The same for cut and copy. The Listner can set data as part of the event 
>This is safe and will not allow any script to mess with the clipboard 
>without the user specifically asking for it
>by initiating a cut/copy/paste action.

It is probably too late for these.


>It would be pretty much a bad hack to missuse a text element and DOM text 
>events for that.
>It's too late to come up with anything else.
>Looking forward to SVG1.2
>Jan-Klaas Kollhof
>Founding Partner, Vectoreal
>phone: +49 174 968 9477
>email: jan@kollhof.net
>web: http://jan.kollhof.net
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