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From: Jan-Klaas Kollhof <jan@kollhof.net>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 01:05:41 +0100
Message-ID: <41A27ED5.4090602@kollhof.net>
To: www-svg@w3.org


There was no reply to my previous mail.

The networking sections do need more content and details.

in addition to the mail above:
if an event is fired for the URLRequest it sould have a refference to 
the request object so one does not to save it somewhere in the code
to work with it when the event is fired.

I'd like the responseText be part of the event object also the response 
They are responses, and that's what the event represents teh server's 
responseText is not part of a request it is the result of it.

I really want events for partial data arrival for URLRequest.
This would be very useful for showing progress. And it would not be 
difficult to impl.

There should be some way to send binary data created by the script over 
the sockets and the URLRequest.
This is a problem because EcmaScript only has strings or arrays to work 
A bytestream object would not be bad having something like 
feedByte(byte), feedInt16(int16), feedInt32(int32),...
I guess I am getting out of the scope for SVG here.

But there must be some way to tell how strings are to be sent (encoding) 
and how data is to be decoded when coming back.

And please keep the same domain policy if you want but no restrictions 
on the ports.
To have sockets is not useful if I can't use them but to make calls to 
an HTTP server.
Unless of course I write a hybrid HTTP-Whatever-HowKnowsWhatSocket server.
(Someday we will have only HTTP on prot, and all communication will be 
handled over HTTP on port 80.
Then the day will come that we disable HTTP on port 80 because it is not 
safe ... )

If we allow the user to open a file for upload or processing in the 
script, why not let the
user do the same for saving data to files generated within the script 
using the same technique as opening a file?
It would be just as save as opening a file.

What about safe clipboard access.
As discussed before by others as well:
The user initiates a paste action as recognized by the UISystem the user 
is working in.
E.g pressing Ctrl-V or selecting paste from a context menu.
An event is fired and a Listener can now access the pasted data as part 
of the event object.
The same for cut and copy. The Listner can set data as part of the event 
This is safe and will not allow any script to mess with the clipboard 
without the user specifically asking for it
by initiating a cut/copy/paste action.

It would be pretty much a bad hack to missuse a text element and DOM 
text events for that.

It's too late to come up with anything else.
Looking forward to SVG1.2



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