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Question on the purpose of SVG

From: Damien Bezborodow <drbezborodow@webpathways.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 20:58:06 +0930
To: www-svg@w3.org
Message-id: <001101c3529f$d1f1ac60$0700a8c0@DAMO>
To the SVG Development Team,

I am very excited about SVG and can't wait for Internet Explorer to support it and for the final verison of SVG to be released.

Getting to the point...   I would like to know how far you guys plan on taking SVG? I have only chipped the surface of the documentation, so forgive me if I am wrong, but is SVG not a vector graphics format with animation capabilites with the combination of ECMAScript? This sounds an awful lot similar to Shockwave Flash. I believe that SVG has the potential to overtake Flash.

Flash is the most horrible software I have come across in my short time as a young web designer. It has no standards set by the W3C or anything. If ECMAScript grows to support sound to be played, then, I really do think that SVG can become more than just another graphics format.

I'll keep it short, as your team is probably very busy, but could you please email me back if mine is an original question? I am sure it must have passed through some of our heads that SVG has the potential, if taken further, to compete with the anti-user friendly mess that is known as Flash.

Doing a great job, you rocket scientists!

Damien Bezborodow.
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