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Re: Question on the purpose of SVG

From: Damien Bezborodow <drbezborodow@webpathways.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 18:16:20 +0930
Message-ID: <000901c35352$633e5940$0700a8c0@DAMO>
To: <www-svg@w3.org>
Excuse me for getting my facts wrong, Jim... I havn't had the time to explore the full capabilities of SVG yet. I have only just downloaded Adobe's Plug-in, so yes, I am "using" SVG now, but I would rather have a finalised product, as would we all. Well... It's also good for me, because I get to watch a new language get developed.

Well, even though SVG is not exactly the same as SWF, there are alot of similaralities besides vector. Flash is horrible... that is why I am hoping that this new language will some day be an alternative (ie: my wording competitor)  to using Flash. I mean, like Dean states, "SVG is broader" so I will think it will overlap Flash in the future. If we are all talking about it, it could become more of a possibility. Why not give the people what they want?

Either way, I am expecting this to go far. I am sure the guys at the W3C are excited about it. Quote: "I once met with some people from W3C at a workshop, and they babbled on about this SVG format, and they sounded as if they really meant it - so I guess we will see a lot more of it in the future."

I still stand where I did before, in fact you have made me think more strongly about my view, especially since you told me it supports multimedia, etc. Why else don't you think SVG wont overtake Flash? One reason I can think of is that SWF is binary based. I don't expect Flash to die, in fact it could even be improved some time in the future. There will always be somebody out there who will like it - SWF has become most popular recently. Just have to wait and see.  :D

Either way, this topic is too opinionated for me. Better go back to reading documentation! After I mailed this post, I found other threads about this issue, so I am convinced that the Dev Team is most aware of their potential... especially since they are the experts 'round 'ere.

Thanks for your enlightening suggestions and help, guys!
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