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Re: encoding="iso-8859-1" & http://validator.w3.org

From: Tobias Reif <tobiasreif@pinkjuice.com>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 00:13:57 +0200
Message-ID: <3F089F25.80005@pinkjuice.com>
To: www-svg@w3.org
CC: Jonathan Chetwynd <j.chetwynd@btinternet.com>

Jonathan Chetwynd wrote:

> encoding="iso-8859-1" & http://validator.w3.org
> Is there a great reason why the SVG images* in the spec: 
> http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/ don't validate?

Some may be invalid, but they can only fix them if you list the URLs, 
and it might also help to include the validity related error messages 
you see.

> Is there a plan to validate SVG images at some time in the future?
> This seems a rather poor practice, web accessibility and SVG have such 
> great potential!

But you're complaining to the wrong people.
You describe a problem with
http://validator.w3.org/ ,
so please report that issue (in more detail) at
http://validator.w3.org/feedback.html .

The single SVG document from the spec you list is valid.

Results from the validators listed on
http://www.pinkjuice.com/check/ :

It also is valid against

http://www3.sppd.ne.jp/lena/relax-ng/svg11/ :

C:\del>jing svg11/svg11.rng rect01.svg

... and the local versions of the validators also say it's valid:

C:\del>rxp -V -N -s -x rect01.svg
C:\del>xmllintval --nowarning rect01.svg
C:\del>domcount rect01.svg

Warning at file http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.1/DTD/svg-style.mod, 
line 74, char 22
   Message: Attribute 'xml:space' has already been declared for element 

Errors occurred, no output available


[the above is a warning, not an error]


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