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Re: %201.2%20feedback:%20Streaming

From: Vincent Hardy <vincent.hardy@sun.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:57:23 +0100
Message-ID: <3DDB4063.7000400@sun.com>
To: Robert Diblasi <rdiblas@wpo.it.luc.edu>
CC: www-svg@w3.org

Hello Robert,

I think you got the wrong Vincent or you confuse me with Someone else :-).

See below what I responded to Niklas regarding his point on cartoons and 
educational animations: I am supportive of the idea and said that it was 
"an important thing for the working group to consider". So the Working 
Group as a whole is dismissing the idea. Some expressed disagreement 
(e.g., Jon and Thierry) and I expressed agreement, but that does not 
mean the whole group has formed an opinion as a group yet or that the 
group has dismissed the idea.


> Hello Niklas,
> Niklas Gustavsson wrote:
> There are many possible uses for streaming, e.g.:
> * "movies" - this is probably the biggest area for Flash right
> now. Could be
> animated instructions, feature walk-throughs, intros and much more.
> Streaming makes it possible to have a >100kb movie that still
> plays without
> a long waiting time. I think this is the most important case.
> A Jon said, I don't think this is the market place for SVG.
> I think this is a huge market place. I don't know if I'm the typical user of
> SVG/Flash, but this kind of productions (e.g. animated technical education,
> illustration of products) are well more then 50% of my work.
> Thanks for this feedback. I think this is a very interesting information. I am personnally of the opinion that this is an important thing for the working group to consider.
> Vincent.


Robert Diblasi wrote:
> Jon and Vincent and Robin and W3 SVG Working Group :-)
> <jon-wrote>
> I don't think long cartoons are the sweet spot for SVG in
> the marketplace.
> </jon-wrote>
> [please do not read this as hostle....I just trying to make a point.....please correct me if I misunderstood you]
> I do not like the sound of "cartoon" ....do I detect a bias here. Do you not see pioneering Flash "cartoon" work that is out there on the Web.
> Do you just see these works of art as just "toons"? 
> I can not believe that you do not see the potential to use vector animation  for educational and tutorial needs!! 
> I think I disagree with you  and I think that the so called "cartoon" are another "sweet spot" for SVG!
> .....W3 SVG working group,Please do not limit SVG animation ablities because you can not think of another way of using these features.
> We all learn by sharing what we know
> Robert A. DiBlasi
> http://www.svgnotebook.com
> rdiblasi@svgnotebook.com
> SVG User Group: Chicago IL. Chapter member
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