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[news] Computer scientist Michael Dertouzos dies at 64

From: Robert DiBlasi <r_diblasi@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 15:43:01 +0000
To: www-svg@w3.org
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SVG developers,

Some in this group might of know Mr. Dertouzos....I never meet
him ...but I understand was not afaid to share his vision of what
could be.....we can only learn from what he has said .....now we are
challenged to share our vision of could be...

            "We all learn by sharing what we know"

News: http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1003-200-7008131.html?tag=mn_hd

Computer scientist Michael Dertouzos, who was central in establishing
the Web as an international standard, has died Monday in a Boston
hospital, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said Wednesday.

Dertouzos, 64, director of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science
since 1974, used his influence among academics, industry and
government officials to broker creation of the World Wide Web
Consortium in 1993 to oversee development and ensure the independence
of the Web.

"At that point, I had a half-formed crazy idea. He played an
absolutely key role," Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Web, said in a
telephone interview, referring to his close friend's role in forming
a consortium that elevated the Web beyond narrow governmental or
business-interest control.

Robert A. DiBlasi

>From: Dean Jackson <dean@w3.org>
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>Subject: Fwd: [Moderator Action] 'Accumulate' attribute for 
>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 13:26:59 +1000
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>Subject: [Moderator Action] 'Accumulate' attribute for animateTransform
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>Dear SVG Team
>I have this following question regarding how to calculate new values for 
>animateTransform when 'accumulate' attribute is set to "sum".
>I looked into the spec which directed me to section 3.3 of "SMIL 
>Under the heading: "Computing Cumulative Animation Values", it states that 
>the new values are calculated with the following formula:
>fi(t) = (ve * i) + f(t)
>However, it is quite hard to understand what exactly f(t) stands for.
>Also you did not provide examples for "animateTransform" with respect to 
>'accumulate="sum"'. You provided only simple examples for "animate".
>After trying few trial examples using Adobe viewer I have arrived at the 
>following conclusion - at least in the case of "translate":
>NewFromX = (i - 1) * OriginalToX + OriginalFromX
>NewToX = i * OriginalToX
>where 'i' is the current iteration value.
>Same formula can be used for Y values too.
>I need you to verify my conclusions. More importantly please send me the 
>correct formulae (all of them - scale, rotate, translate - x, y and angle). 
>Please also update your specification to show the formulae.
>Your assistance will be most appreciated.
>Sai Ramanath
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