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[Fwd: [svg-developers] Adobe® SVG Viewer 3.0 beta 1 now available]

From: Chris Lilley <chris@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 01:34:58 +0200
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I am glad to announce that Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0, beta 1 is now available for immediate download at  http://www.adobe.com/svg/viewer/install/beta.html

I encourage everyone to try out this beta and give us feedback via our Web form at http://www.adobe.com/svg/feedback/bugreport.html. SVG Developers have proven invaluable in the past in uncovering bugs that would have been difficult for us to uncover in a timely manor. We will make every effort to fix bugs and provide an excellent final release to the SVG community.

Since our current schedule calls for a fairly short beta period it would be particularly helpful if you use the Web form rather than expecting us to ferret through the discussions here. While many of us (including myself) track discussions on these forums as closely as possible, it is time consuming and error prone to take the bugs from an email and move them into our bug tracking system. Whenever possible, please provide sample code or an example file (a URL is fine) for us to reproduce the bug.

New Features

Adobe continues to innovate SVG Viewer to comply with more of the SVG Proposed Recommendation and add better performance. In addition, we have added many of the features that SVG Developers have clamored for including:
New features in Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0
·         Elements and Attributes: 
o        Added support for the following elements: color-profile, marker, title, and view. 
o        Implemented full support for the switch element. 
o        Implemented support for the general required Features and systemLanguage attributes. 
·         CSS properties: 
o        Added support for the following CSS properties: color-profile, marker, marker-end, marker-mid, marker-start. 
o        Added support for the @media CSS rule, and the media attribute for style elements. The values all, screen, and print are supported. 
o        The image element now supports links to SVG files, but only static SVG files are supported in this way. 
·         DOM: 
o        Added support for ElementTimeControl::beginElement and ElementTimeControl::endElement. 
o        Added support for the SVGMatrix class. 
o        Added support for the getCTM, getElementsByTagNameNS, and getBBox methods. 
·         Other Changes: 
o        Performance improvements. 
o        Adobe SVG Viewer now has its own built-in script engine. This allows self-contained JavaScript scripts to run inside of SVG files embedded in hosts which don't support a bridge between plug-ins and the host script engine, including Internet Explorer on the Mac. The internal script engine is automatically used in such environments, but it may be be explicitly selected for use in all environments by specifying the attribute scriptImplementation="Adobe" on the script element. This attribute is in the Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 extension namespace (http://ns.adobe.com/AdobeSVGViewerExtensions/3.0/). 
o        The Windows ActiveX control may now be invoked in a transparent mode which allows you to overlay SVG on top of other web page content. To invoke Adobe SVG Viewer in this mode, add the attribute wmode="transparent" to the embed tag. Other values for the wmode attribute include windowed, which is the default opaque (and faster) mode, and opaque, which is like windowed except that it supports z-order. 
o        The Windows ActiveX control now implements support for Binary Behaviors. 
o        Animations will now continue to run even when the browser is not the foreground application. 
o        Added the ability to save as compressed SVG (.svgz). 
o        Added support for Macintosh OS 10.1, and Windows XP. 
o        Support for ICC colors is no longer included as part of the default Adobe SVG Viewer download. To install the optional color management component, please visit the Adobe SVG Viewer install page. 
o        If you set the color-rendering property to to optimizeQuality on the top-most svg element in your SVG file, then all sRGB colors will be displayed in the device color space on screen if color management is installed and configured. However, this will slow down drawing and animation, so this functionality is disabled by default even if color management is enabled. 
o        The Windows preferences are no longer stored in SVGViewer.ini, but instead they are now stored in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adobe SVG Viewer\3.0. 

The README files are installed with the SVG Viewer and will soon be posted on our Web site.

I would also like to point everyone at our recently updated Community Links page at http://www.adobe.com/svg/community/external.html where many of you are now featured destinations. There is a great wealth of SVG information out on the Web now thanks to all of you.
Continued success to everyone and thanks for the continued enthusiasm and determination to push the limits of a new technology.


Michael Bierman
Senior Product Manager, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
mbierman@adobe.com http://www.adobe.com/svg 

Adobe Systems - everywhere you lookTM
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, California 95110

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