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Re: CSS Generated content selection

From: Spartanicus <mk98762@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 08:23:14 +0100
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Yahia <cyahia@gmail.com> wrote:

>Which browser's behavior is correct? Firefox or Opera's? What is clear is  
>that for the case of using (or copy-and-pasting of content from) Web  
>documents, Opera browser does the right job.

I disagree. If the CSS generated content is used appropriately by
authors, i.e. for presentational purposes only, then only the content
proper without presentation should be selectable in a UA.

And there is an inconsistency in Opera's behaviour given that it doesn't
allow selection of the numbers of an ordered list when those numbers
have been generated by Opera without using author supplied CSS generated
content. This is the right behaviour.

>I would like to know if the CSS specifications say something about this.

Afaik it doesn't. CSS2.1 has this: 
"Generated content does not alter the document tree. In particular, it
is not fed back to the document language processor (e.g., for
but that doesn't relate to selecting and copying generated content, and
no such rule is found in the CSS3 draft.

But IMO the behaviour should be specified as a MUST NOT. A UA must not
facilitate abuse of the generated content method.

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