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Re: CSS color palettes

From: Pascal Germroth <pascal@germroth.name>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 01:46:36 +0100
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Hello All,

>> You basically declare everything that shares a foreground color and
>> everything that shares a background color and make a rule for each
>> grouping that shares a color. It's not as elegant as a palette, but it
>> works with the current system mostly.
> [...] I'm proposing this because I think it will be more
> efficient, simple and elegant. With all the implementations of the CSS
> standards in the different browsers, CSS files are full of "hacks", it
> has became a tour-de-force for designers. I'd like to see a simpler way
> to create web pages.

In my opinion, CSS has to become more "user-friendly" generally. Unlike
HTML maybe, CSS is still mainly written by humans (and I think it will
stay like that unless there is a revolution somewhere near Adobe) but it
does not provide the "usability" of other languages. For example, if one
could use Macros, Functions, Variables and Scripting in CSS (without a
server-side Preprocessor and proprietary extensions) the code could
become much smaller, and the color-palette-problem, along with several
others would be solved.

And XPath for selectors would be nice, too (yes, I know, the grammar
does not allow this. But maybe as a function like `*
Instead of extending CSS-Selectors to meet XPath, one could instead
extend XPath to meet CSS-Selectors which would be easier, IMO. But
that's off-topic and I think it has been on-topic quite a while ago...

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Pascal Germroth
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