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Re: css layout should be symmetrical

From: Vadim Plessky <lucy-ples@mtu-net.ru>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 19:56:05 +0300
To: "Robert Koberg" <rob@koberg.com>
Cc: <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <auto-000020162026@umail.ru>
Hi Robert!

On Wednesday 20 February 2002 19:37, Robert Koberg wrote:
|   Hi Vadim,
|   > machines)
|   > It seems those companies tend to ignore current CSS developement.
|   > How to explain this?
|   > a) they think CSS is not important
|   > b) they do not know what CSS is (at least, their Top Management)
|   > c) they prefer to enforce own (closed) standards
|   > d) they have some accounting problems, which are for sure more
|   > important than
|   > CSS :-)
|   > e) it's not allowed to employees of those companies to post any
|   > comments   on
|   > servers outside the company Intranet
|   >
|   > Have I forgot something?..
|   I used to work for Macromedia in the Learning Division (when Authorware
| was still a force for CDROM...). My girlfriend was a software engineer for
| Dreamweaver :) They can and do post outside the intranet with no
| restrictions. It is suprising that they are not on the list (it is usually

Good to know :-)
I have to admit that when I was working for one of the companies listed in my 
mail, I had no right (permission) to post...
It could cause so many troubles, that everyone prefered to stay away.

| QA guys). They do feel CSS is important, but they have to put something on
| the page that will work. Do you think they would have customers if they
| disregarded what can actually be done?

I see your point.
On the other hand: when 95% of your customers use MS IE, and 95% of them use 
MS IE 5.x or newer - does it make sense to support version 4 browsers?
I believe that there is still some Netscape 4.x user base in US - but here 
it's really gone. 5 months ago, it was less than 4%.

So my point is:
* take MS IE 5.0 as a minimum
* design page with CSS working in IE 6.0-Strict (Win), MacIE 5.x and 
Moziulla/Netscape 6.2
* provide fallback to MS IE 5.0 users from the page above
* provide fallback to version 4.x browser using *simple* layout (disable most 

Don't get me wrong: I do not recommend to use MS IE.
It hangs computer too often, and I personally can't afford to use it for 
purposes other than testing.
But if page designed ok (according to CSS standards) - than it can be 
rendered ok by any standard-compliant browser.
(like mine Konqueror)

|   best,
|   -Rob


Vadim Plessky
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