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Re: css layout should be symmetrical

From: Rob Larsen <Rob@DrunkenFist.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 10:33:18 -0500
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Lurker piping up.

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From: "Vadim Plessky" <lucy-ples@mtu-net.ru>

> well, if you do web design for fun - you should Say Goodbuy to htis
> If you work for money - you need to follow.

I think the point is a lot of us do this for money and need to please
clients (or bosses, or marketing execs, etc.)  and there are designs that
can't be done using only CSS (looking as far forward as I can afford to
look.) That's a failure in the specifications.

> I found (personal opinion) that it's better to get money in some business,
> sometimes not related to IT or Web at all, and to re-invest those money in
> your hobby and volunteer work.
> I hardly believe that I could buy a car I drive nowdays if I was doing web
> design :-)

This makes no sense to me. If I'm making a great living working as a web
designer (something I enjoy), why would I do something else?  This is the
bread and butter business for a lot of people. The exact people that the w3c
has to win over.

> |
> |   Is this group mostly theoretical?
> I would say that www-style is less teoretical than www-dom and more
> teoretical than www-html.
> Everything is *relative* in this world :-)
> But indeed primary focus of ww-style ML is to discuss W3C CSS specs, not
> day-to-day design issues. Hopefully we do not ignore those issues and
> them too.

If designers aren't seeing what they need in CSS then the specs need to
address that and this is as good a place as any to point out what people
need. Isn't it? Professional designers and interface folks are going to be
the people that control the majority of what users are presented in real
world situations. If they can't do what they want to do visually using CSS,
then all the rhetoric in the world about using tables only for tabular data
isn't going to stop them from using tables. In that case all the thought and
work that has gone into this is all for naught. That's an important thing to

Think about the number of hybrid sites out there- CSS for text styling and
tables for layout. Why do that? Why take the time to learn css to style text
and then ignore it when it comes to layout?

Rob Larsen
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