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List styles - a wish list item

From: Martin Skj÷ldebrand <chimbis@bahnhof.se>
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 02:09:46 GMT
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <35745be6.452846@mail.bahnhof.se>
A wish list item

I've seen the example that makes lists like (<OL><LI> ... </OL>

1 Item 
2 Another item
3 Yet another item
	A a subitem
	B oh dear
		I many items 
		II there are
	C a third subitem
4 Guess what!
(Cascading Style Sheets p108). using 

OL {list-style: decimal}
OL OL {list-style: upper-alpha}
OL OL OL {list-style: upper-roman}

Thats neat - but I've seen lists like

1 Item 
2 Another item
3 Yet another item
	3A a subitem
	3B oh dear
		3AI many items 
		3AII there are
	3C a third subitem
4 Guess what!

(or even 3.A ... 3.A.I) 
Which is something I've always missed in missed in HTML and fail to
see how to do in CSS. I must admit I haven't seen CSS2, perhaps it's
in there?

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