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RE: Immediate content in text element

From: Pablo Fernicola <pablofe@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 08:32:35 -0700
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To: <ph@w3.org>, "Jani Niittukari" <jani.niittukari@tvrocket.com>, <www-smil@w3.org>
This is not possible in the SMIL language, but it is trivial when using


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there is no way to do this in SMIL. The closest
thing you can do is using the "data:" URL scheme,
as explained in another message to this list.


--- Jani Niittukari <jani.niittukari@tvrocket.com>
> Hi,
> Can someone explain me, how to use text in a SMIL
> presentation without using
> separate text files. I.e. text element without using
> src attribute. Or is
> that even possible? I've been reading the specs for
> a while, but i can't
> find any direct solution for this problem...
> The following examples illustrate what i need, but
> none of them doesn't seem
> to work:
> <text name="myText1" alt="Say Cheese!"/>
> <text name="myText2" text="Say Cheese!"/>
> <text name="myText3">Say Cheese!</text>
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> - Jani

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