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RE: AW: uml to rdf converter

From: David Price <david.price@eurostep.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 11:58:57 -0000
To: <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000601c4cd65$fc524ea0$2101a8c0@esukpc20>

Hello Manos,
Responses below.

> Hi David, 
> On Wednesday 17 November 2004 14:24, David Price wrote:
> > However, I would be willing to spend some time
> > on this now if people are interested in using it.
> >
> > I've done no work on a native RDF/RDFS translator, but would be 
> > willing to help with that too.
> Let's consider the basic use case of converting a class with 
> simple type and 
> collection members from XMI to RDFS+XSD simple types. I 
> suppose this is not 
> available right now? If not shouldn't one start from there? 

If you'll send me a small example UML model in Poseidon UML or ArgUML and
tell me what RDFS/XSD should result, I'll implement that, add that beginning
XSLT implementation to exff.sourceforge.net and make anyone interested in
helping a developer on that project. If there's a more appropriate
open-source project, 

All my work so far has been to generate OWL but RDFS support sounds like a
good idea too. FYI, the draft OMG ODM standard includes a metamodel for RDFS
and UML and will include a mapping so there will be a standard to implement
at some point next year. The next draft from the ODM team is due in January.
The current draft does not include any mappings.

> Are we talking 
> about XMI to serialized RDF/XML or memory representations? 
> The latter comes 
> with a bonus of base set of interfaces that could be 
> implemented/reused 
> existing libraries... 

All my work is XMI-based as it's written as XSLT. This architecture was
chosen because several tools provide XMI export but no API. FYI, I have also
used the Poseidon PE Velocity Template engine to generate XML Schema from
UML and from that you access to its API.

> I'll happily help on design, code etc but, IMHO, what is 
> primarily needed is a 
> mapping document people can agree upon as a reference and point of 
> integration with existing stuff...  Does that sound like a 
> trivial job for 
> rdf-interest or am i to loose my hopes on humanity? We could 
> adopt FOAF as 
> our test case!
> Manos
> PS: will the converter work on ArgoUML?

I have done some work with ArgoUML so understand its XMI format. Most of
what's there now works with Poseidon UML Community Edition.

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