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RDF IG meeting at W3C Technical Plenary 2001-02-28

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 21:15:14 -0500 (EST)
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On Wednesday, 28 February 2001, W3C will be holding a Technical
Plenary meeting with the aim of cross-fertilization of ideas
across the W3C Working Groups and Interest Groups.  A mixture of
architecture, process, and current issues will be on the agenda
for this one-day meeting.

This Technical Plenary was scheduled in the middle of the week
and all Working Group and Interest Group Chairs were invited to
request space for a face-to-face meeting of their respective
groups immediately before or after this Plenary day.  As chair
of the RDF Interest Group, I requested and received space for
a face-to-face meeting on Monday and Tuesday, February 26-27.

I am now open to suggestions and proposals for how we might
best use this opportunity to meet together.  One requirement
I will impose is that good records be made of our meeting and
distributed to the RDF IG mailing list for the benefit of those
who are not able to be present, whether due to scheduling
constraints, travel constraints, or room capacity constraints.

Preregistration is required both for the RDF IG meeting
and the Technical Plenary.  We anticipate that space will
be at a premium; indeed, our guess at how many RDF IG
participants might wish to attend was exactly that -- a guess.
Both the Technical Plenary and the RDF IG meetings have a
maximum cutoff threshold beyond which no further registrations
will be accepted.  If we exceed the capacity of the meeting
space for the RDF IG we may retrict registration to those
who have been active participants on our mailing lists.

The meeting details and a link to the registration page are in

Other W3C Working Groups will be meeting at the same time and
in the same hotel.  Some of those groups have elected to open
their individual group meetings to observers from other groups.
The registration form has space for you to request observer
status in other group meeting on Thursday and Friday.  Observer
status is also subject to room capacity.

Suggestions to the list please; if you could maintain the subject line /
message threading it would be appreciated. I'm offline till tuesday pm, at
which point I'll attempt to summarise any discussion.


RDF Interest Group chair
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