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Re: Chainsaw?

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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 12:42:22 +0100
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Graham Klyne wrote:
> Prolog is a tool I've used in the past, so prolog-like descriptions are one
> of the approaches that inform my thinking.  I also aim to retain a strongly
> declarative flavour.

We seem to have a lot in common ...
A minimal thing is a conjunction of definite clauses with binary terms:
  a conjunction is a logical and-ing (such as an RDF graph)
  a definite (or Horn) clause is a disjunction with at most one positive term
  a disjunction is a logical or-ing
  a binary term is an RDF statement such as subj verb obj.
The good news is that this minimal thing can express axioms, lemmas and proofs:
  a fact as {statement}
  a rule as {{statement} if {statements}}
  a lemma as {statements}
  a proof as a recursion of {{statements} thus {statement}}

have to eat now ...

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