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Logistics for Thursday's 1100 EST / 1600 GMT meeting

From: Tansley, Robert <robert.tansley@hp.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 12:52:53 -0800
Message-ID: <40700B4C02ABD5119F00009027876644084DF3EC@hplex1.hpl.hp.com>
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** Note that if you plan to dial into this meeting, there is some action you need to take prior to the meeting.  If you're local, it would be easiest if you come to CRL. **

Steve G & I spent a while this afternoon working out how best to conduct the walkthrough.  The solution we came up with is to use Steve's laptop to drive the various clients, and use Webex to share this with people in Bristol (or elsewhere.)  i.e. everyone remote will log into the Webex meeting session, and Webex displays what's on Steve's laptop screen.  Webex can also let remote people take control of an application, though the latency can make this a little painful.

*AHEAD OF THE MEETING* you need to go to http://hp.webex.com/, click on "New User?" on the left hand nav bar, then "Download installer" and follow the instructions to install the client on your machine.  This should work on Windows, Macs and Linux.

Then, shortly before the meeting is due to start, go back to http://hp.webex.com/ and enter the following meeting info:

Meeting number:   747646434  
Meeting password: browse4facet$

(Sorry the password's a bit long, the software is quite stringent on that!) Enter your name + email too and click "Join Now".  The Webex application should then be launched and you'll be able to see the SIMILE clients (Haystack native, Haystack via Web, Longwell) as Steve runs and controls them.  We'll use a phone bridge as normal.

 Robert Tansley / Hewlett-Packard Laboratories / (+1) 617 551 7624 
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