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FW: Archiving Call for Paper

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Of possible interest to SIMILE PIs and team.

- Mick


Announcing IS&T's Archiving Conference 
Meeting Announcement and Call for Papers
April 20-23, 2004
The Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Sponsored by:  The Society for Imaging Science and Technology http://www.imaging.org
   Held in conjunction with TAGA's Annual Conference, April 18-21, 2004

This conference brings together technical experts to discuss the complex and widely varying topics on archiving. Techniques for preserving, cataloging, indexing and retrieving images and documents in both digital and human readable formats are subjects that will be covered in detail. Our goal is to benchmark systems to preserve our digital and hardcopy information for the future, as well as to identify those areas where systems and technology are not yet up to the task, and further research is of high priority. Accordingly the interfacing of digital and hardcopy preservation strategies, issues of format obsolescence, and storage media technology are of particular interest.

Preserving our heritage is important and so much of that heritage is captured day by day in images and documents. Employing economical methods to save some fraction of that material for future generations is vitally important. We are concerned, furthermore, not only with how we will recover our own images and documents a generation hence, but how we can retrieve, recover and restore the culturally and historically important imagery of past generations.

Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers for presentation in any of the technical areas listed in the "proposed program topics" section of this brochure.   If you wish to submit a paper, please use the web-based form and process described on the IS&T Archiving Conference website at the following address: 

Then look for a link to the Author's instructions.



The Archiving Conference 2004 will include: invited presentations by recognized experts with extensive experience in this field, refereed papers, and a series of tutorials to cover the technical basics of archiving. Special keynote presentations are planned, including ones by Gordon Bell, Microsoft Research on his current MyLifeBits research and Clifford Lynch, Director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI). 

Digital Image Archiving
-  Standards for digital formats, color spaces, compression
-  Indexing and searching
-  Saving digital data to physical media 

Archiving Conventional Media
-  Standards for paper manufacturing
-  Archival inks
-  Photographic archives, including micro-formats
-  Storage requirements
-  Indexing and retrieval

-  High speed scanning
-  High quality scanning
-  OCR and document understanding

Obsolescence of Digital Media
-  Software and hardware obsolescence
-  Longevity of digital media
-  Cost of media rollover

Accessing Electronic Archives
-  Indexing and searching methods
-  Web portals
-  Content and digital asset management

Emerging Digital Standards 
-  PDF/A
-  JPEG 2000
-  Security and watermarking
-  Digital rights management
-  eBooks

Case Studies
-  Digital Archives
-  Long-term archives
-  Museum collections 
-  Libraries
-  Film archives
-  Medical records

Personal Photo Archives
-  Personal digital archives
-  Saving pictures for a lifetime 
-  Indexing and organizing
-  Digital versus paper


A full program of tutorials is scheduled for Tuesday, April 20, 2004. Proposals for tutorial classes are invited. For submission instructions, please contact Conference Manager Pam Forness, pam@imaging.org.


General Co-Chairs
  Franziska Frey
  Rochester Inst. of Technology
  School Of Print Media
  69 Lomb Memorial Drive
  Rochester, NY  14623
  585-475-2712; Fax: 585-475-7029

  Robert R. Buckley
  Xerox Corporation
  800 Phillips Road, MS 128-30E
  Webster, NY 14580
  585-422-1282; Fax: 585-265-8871

Publications Chair
  Melville R.V. Sahyun
  University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  Department of Chemistry
  Eau Claire, WI  54702
  715-836-4175; 715-836-4979

Technical Program Chair - North America
  Stephen Chapman
  Preservation Librarian for Digital Initiatives  
  Weissman Preservation Center
  Harvard University Library
  Holyoke Center 821
  Cambridge, MA  02138
  617-495-8596; 617-496-8344

Technical Program Chair - Europe
  Katri Vikman,  Lic. Tech., M.Sc.
  Research Scientist
  Helsinki University of Technology
  Department of Forest Products Technology
  Laboratory of Forest Products Chemistry
  Vuorimiehentie 1
  FIN - 02150 Espoo  Finland
  358-9-4514253;  +358-9-4514259
  e-mail. katri.vikman@hut.fi

The Steering Committee (as of May 30, 2003)
  Ron Antos, Life Touch
  Charles Bouman, Purdue
  David Brailsford, University of Nottingham
  Bruce Hunt, Adobe  
  Jim King, Adobe
  Harvey Levenson, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  Raymond Lorie, IBM
  Kyle Mashima, Adobe
  Larry Masinter, Adobe
  Phil Michel, Library of Congress
  Ricardo Motta, Pixim
  Douglas Nishimura, Image Permanence Institute
  Steve Puglia , U.S. National Archive
  Louis Sharpe, Picture Elements Inc.
  Sabine Susstrunk, L'Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
  Robert Tapella, Government Printing Office (GPO)

IS&T - The Society for Imaging Science and Technology is dedicated to promoting the understanding of imaging science and technology and to addressing the professional development needs of people who work in the field of imaging.

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