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opening hours / restaurant review use case revisited: chef moz example

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 17:18:24 -0500
To: www-annotation@w3.org, www-rdf-calendar@w3.org
Cc: djweitzner@w3.org
Message-ID: <20030405221824.GA29273@tux.w3.org>

(crossposting the rdf-calendar and annotation lists)

I've done a bit more towards writing up the opening hours meets 
restaurant review SemWeb use case. What writeup I have is in the 
ESW Wiki, 

and nearby,

Each of these Wiki pages points to (perhaps sketchy) RDF/XML sample markup.

The OpeningHoursUseCase example was discussed on www-rdf-calendar 
previously. For GeoInfo we show the use of a lat/long/alt markup of 
Web pages, and for the RestaurantRecommendation scenario I've excerpted some
RDF/XML examples from the Open Directory's "Chef Moz" project.

The Chef Moz example is interesting. There are various ways in which
their data and markup could be improved, but it does show a fair sized 
body of restaurant review content available in (slightly buggy) RDF/XML.

In particular, RDF cal folks might be interested to see that opening hours
are marked up as follows:

<Hours>daily 6.30pm-11pm</Hours> 

...and that timezone seems to be left implicit, perhaps discoverable via
  <Country>United Kingdom</Country> 
or  <Zip>BS6 7AH</Zip> 

I encourage anyone from www-rdf-calendar or www-annotation with an 
interest in such apps to take a look at the sketchy docs in the Wiki and
add pointers or suggestions directly to the pages. I'm particularly 
interested in finding more freely accessible data or lookup services that
could be used for a realistic demo. You can edit the pages using the 
"EditText" link at the foot of the page.

RDF cal folk, any suggestions on what we might do to convert the 
opening hours information into RDF? Particularly the timezone issue? 
Help/suggestions welcome.

On the Web annotations front, I find this interesting to contrast with 
Annotea in that it is a scenario where the thing one is really 
annotating (ie. describing) isn't a Web page (eg. restaurant homepage) but 
the thing that the Web page is about, ie. the restaurant. We could, however,
use chefmoz-like data to auto-generate Annotea annotations attached to
the restaurant homepages, for those restaurants which chefmoz knows a 
homepage URL for. There are about 13,000 URLs for restaurants in their 
dataset currently, which should be taken in context (stats from 
chefmoz.org homepage): 185116 restaurants; 12459 reviews; 47955 links 
to reviews; 595 editors. Big but not vast. Perhaps someone would find 
it interesting to generate an Annotea service from parsing the Chef Moz
restaurant reviews and turning them into Web annotations on the homepages 
of those restaurants that have them?

The next thing I want to do is get the calendar aspects translated into 
RDF cal, and associate some additional metadata (lat/long/alt), photos etc.,
with some sample records.

Thanks for any suggestions, links, help with the writeups etc.,


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