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Outline for Umbrella Specifications in ViS

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 19:10:46 -0400
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Minutes QA WG teleconf
AI-20050620-3 Karl to send draft of umbrella section to Dave, Lynne,

First try. Lynne, Dave, I will help to write if there are things  
which are not clear, ask me. It helps me at the same time to propose  
a better structure if needed.

Outline proposal:

Umbrella Specifications

- Web Technology and Specifications
     + What is a Web technology?
         set of technical requirements defined by inclusion and/or by  
reference and creating a coherent technological area.
     + What is a specification
         a document which defines fully a technology or part of a  
technology. At W3C, it's a document which must follow rules,  
requirements defined in the Process document.
     + Web Tech/Specification Interaction (Monolithic/Multiple)
         a techno can be entirely defined by a one document and  
usually inclusion of references or divided in a series of documents.

- Multiple Spec Techno
     + Why does a WG choose to define a Web technology by having  
multiple specifications?
         For Editing reasons, For making parts reusable in different  
contexts, for following the abstract divisions of the technology.
     + What are the consequences of this choice? What kind of  
problems occurs?
         Introducing variability, problems of usability, of  
references, conformance requirements difficulties, Process related  
problems (CR phase?), ...

- Solution for a Multiple Spec Techno.
     + What should be an Umbrella Specification?
     + What should include such a document?
     + What are the benefits for the WG?
     + What are the benefits for the implementers?

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